Webcon Consulting (India) Ltd. (formerly West Bengal Consultancy Organisation Ltd. and commonly known as WEBCON) is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified, multi-functional consultancy organisation promoted by a consortium of all-India and State level financial institutions and nationalised banks for playing a catalytic role in the promotion and proliferation of industry, infrastructure and entrepreneurship in the country in general and in the Eastern and North-Eastern Regions in particular.

Unique Features

  • Providing Total Consultancy under one roof to Govt./ Semi Govt. Organizations, PSUs and Private Sector in the country.
  • Extensive operational base in West Bengal, Sikkim & Andaman Islands
  • Operating in the National, International, Regional & State level for over 35 years
  • Winner of CDC Award in 1992 from Consultancy Development Center, Govt. of India
  • Excellent rapport and experience to work with Govt. Administration both at State and National level
  • Well experienced and qualified professionals both in general consultancy, training, micro enterprise dev. & capacity building and rural development.

Area of Expertise

Technical consultancy

Social Studies

Skill Development and enternprenship

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