Webcon Consulting (India) Ltd. (formerly West Bengal Consultancy Organisation Ltd. and commomnly known as WEBCON) is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified, multi-functional consultancy organisation promoted by a consortium of all-India and State level financial institutions and nationalised banks for playing a catalytic role in the promotion and proliferation of industry, infrastructure and entrepreneurship in the country in general and in the Eastern and North-Eastern Regions in particular.

Since 1979 WEBCON has been rendering a package of consultancy services in the field of socio-economic, management, industry, infrastructure planning, micro enterprise development & capacity building, rural development, etc. under one roof to its cross section clientele throughout the country and abroad encompassing Govt. authorities, public sector, joint sector and private sector organisations. WEBCON is a multifunctional organisation and is under the C&AG Audit. It is in continuous growth path besides being a surplus generating and dividend paying company.

Area of Expertise

  • CSR
  • ISDS
  • ENC
  • CDPS
  • Industrial Potential Survey